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From manual to automated processes. Increase your throughput and gain more insight while saving costs and time.

De Pall Nucleic Acid Binding Plaat: Uw totaaloplossing

Wilt u kruiscontaminatie van uw DNA/RNA zuivering voorkomen? Op een eenvoudige, effectieve en tijdbesparende manier? De NAB plaat van PALL is dan uw antwoord.

Uw Applicatie, Uw Pipet

Uw complete Liquid Handling pakket: pipetten, kalibratie én gebruikstrainingen. Als het om pipetten gaat levert VWR alles, maar dan ook écht alles!

Improve Your Sample Preparation

Using highly sophisticated bead-beating technology the Precellys® and Minilys® bench top homogenisers offer great benefits!

Protect Your PCR Samples

Even when using adhesive sealing films for PCR plates, evaporation of samples can be a problem...

Omega Bio-tek High Throughput DNA Purification and Automation

Omega Bio-tek Inc. offers high quality, convenient and cost-effective products for nucleic acid purification...

Thermo Scientific Molecular Biology selection

From quality high-fidelity or Taq DNA polymerases, simple and fast tools for cloning and electrophoresis...

Quantabio NGS

Quantabio next generation sequencing DNA solutions...

Gibson Assembly® CLONING

DNA MY WAY™ Get DNA your way. Generate seamless plasmid DNA or BAC clones without restriction digestion or DNA scars.