Mineralisation systems for heavy metals, TMD 6

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Mineralisation systems for heavy metals, TMD 6
Destructiesystemen Mineralisatiewerkstations
The TMD 6 is designed for the hot digestion of sludge coming from water treatment plants, soil, compost, waste-water or vegetable materials, using "aqua regia" (nitric acid/hydrochloric acid mixture). The environmental risk represented by trace metals is due to their toxicity but also to the possible bioconcentration that can reach human beings through the food chain. Monitoring the presence of trace metals in sludge from water-treatment plants requires a host of analytical procedures starting from the solubilisation of metallic compounds.

  • Water-jacketed condensers retain all Hg, Cd, Pb, Cr, Cu, Zn, etc.
  • Operators are protected
  • Subsequent analysis is more precise
  • TMD 6 combines with the DK 6 to perform sample digestion

Leveringsinformatie: Includes all glassware, rack and stand.
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