Imager tissue package, THUNDER

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Imager tissue package, THUNDER
The THUNDER imager tissue allows real time fluorescence imaging of 3-D tissue sections typically used in neuroscience and histology research. Acquire rich, detailed images of thick tissues free of haze from ‘out of focus’ blur.

Certificaten: CE and CAS.

Leveringsinformatie: THUNDER Imager Tissue Imager Package includes: DM4 B semi-motorised upright microscope stand, manual camera port, motorised 5-position fluorescence filter turret, coded 7-position objective nosepiece, objectives (Plan FL 1,25x/0 04 N.A., Plan FL 10x/0,32 N.A. and Plan Apo 40x/0,95 N.A. with correction collar), 10x/25 mm FOV eyepieces, LED transmitted light, brightfield condenser (0,90 N.A.), manual stage (110° rotation), shutter controlled LED3 fluorescence light source, fluorescence filters (LED405, GFP and RHOD), K5 sCMOS camera; dust cover, THUNDER Workstation 2D, US keyboard, LAS X Core software, LAS X Multi-Channel Acquisition software module, 32" monitor and 1 TB SSD RAID addition.
Purchase of THUNDER Imager Tissue Package includes service installation and 1 day of applications training by an LMS Advanced Workflow Specialist.
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