Deioniser with interchangeable cartridges

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171-2708EA 840 EUR
Deioniser with interchangeable cartridges
Waterzuiveringssystemen Deïonisatiesystemen
This demineraliser connects to a mains water tap and instantly delivers pure water with high resistivity. The exchange capacity of a cartridge is 300 l of water for a town mains water supply at 25° hydrometric.

  • Easy to use
  • Economic solution
  • Easy cartridge change (change in colour when the resins are spent)

The resistivity of the water produced is always greatly superior to 1 MΏ/cm: it normally rises to 10 MΏ/cm after drawing off the first 30 litres. The normal flow rate is 20 to 40 L/h, with a maximum of 80 L/h.
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